Programs & Results


Corporate and community leaders all agree that The Way to Happiness is the effective way to restore honesty, respect and competence.

“By changing the office culture, I knew we could address and stem employee turnover and that larger customers would no longer feel and experience the constant change of Account Executives and they too would become settled. The Way to Happiness initiative worked better than we expected. Within a year we had reduced our employee turnover from 35 percent to 15 percent and our customer turnover from 25 percent to 10 percent.” —Insurance Executive

The Way to Happiness gives me strong stable tools to use to clarify the real issues involved with staff, vendors and in solving contract issues. It enables me to do the right thing and make sound ethical decisions. It is a powerful tool for today’s business world. I highly recommend The Way to Happiness to anyone in business and in life in general.” —Vice President for Computer Technology, International Media & Entertainment Company

“The values in the book became equated with our firm’s culture and trust increased. Employees saw the virtues from The Way to Happiness as what we stand for and thus productivity increased.” —Managing Director, Financial Institution

“We have found that the booklet is an excellent tool for improving personnel relations, customer relations and company values. Our staffs frequently refer to The Way to Happiness booklet when confronted with problems they don’t quite know how to handle. We are so pleased with the booklet that we have now begun to hand out copies to our customers.” —Manager, Nutritional Center

“I decided to write your Foundation and request copies of your booklets simply because I have read it and I believe in the principles which your booklet discusses. The twenty-one precepts are truly pertinent to our lifestyles today and I believe that many of our guests feel the same way about your publication as I did upon reading it. Also, interesting analogy…that is, comparing life to a high-speed road and those who wish happiness need to know where the edges are!” —Department Coordinator, Resort Hotel

“Participating with The Way to Happiness program has been most rewarding to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing my patients’ favorable responses. I encourage anyone considering participating in The Way to Happiness program to do so. The more people who have access to the booklet, the better our society will be.” —Dentist

“This is a nonreligious writing and it can go into schools and it can go to people and it can put them there with a moral standard that’s missing in society today.” —National Basketball Association (NBA) Coach

The Way to Happiness doesn’t compromise a person’s existing religious beliefs or social status. In a sense it is all pervasive, whether a Muslim or Hindu, even a nonbeliever, it can make a very telling message that is relevant to your own circumstances.” —Prime Minister (Retired), Guyana, South America