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In a formal evaluation of The Way to Happiness "Set a Good Example" Contest, participating educators were asked whether they had noticed any effects of the program on their students' understanding of moral values, attitudes or actions. Eighty-five percent noted a change in understanding, 90 percent saw a positive change in attitudes, and 82 percent reported affirmative improvement in conduct.

Teachers reporting on student changes in understanding of moral values frequently mentioned that pupils were more aware of morals and of their importance, that they were more cooperative, and that they better understood the difference between right and wrong.

The dominant effect of the "Set a Good Example" Contest was similar as regards student attitudes. Teachers reported that their students were proud of their accomplishments, that they worked together more productively and that they were more friendly and helpful toward one another.

The most frequently reported changes in conduct were students being more helpful and courteous, with far fewer problems of classroom discipline, and that students treated each other with greater respect and acted more responsibly.

Educators and school officials all agree that The Way to Happiness is the solution to create a harmonious and productive learning environment.

"For many years common sense moral values were simply not discussed. So, in today's society we have children growing up with no moral foundation. This is probably the nation's third generation without morals being instilled. It totally makes sense that the more children and parents and teachers are exposed to and actively apply the 21 precepts brought forth in The Way to Happiness book, the better our society will become."

-Middle School Teacher, Texas

"With the support of The Way to Happiness Foundation, more than one million copies of The Way to Happiness were distributed in Palestine and Israel. It is making a big difference; it can play the role of rehabilitating both peoples. The Ministry's Committee on Improving Education has directed all school counselors to teach the Palestinian children using The Way to Happiness."

-Deputy Secretary of Education (Ret.), Palestinian Authority

"The Way to Happiness provides valuable guidance to my class. The Junior High age-range is a questioning period for youth and your book is just what the students need. It makes them think, and establishes values all too often missing in today's world."

-Teacher, California.

"The students are more accepting of others, they discuss other values and opinions and then respectfully agree or disagree without conflict or confrontation."

-Middle School Teacher Pennsylvania

"After using The Way to Happiness with our students, there was no fighting, no violence and no trouble; a complete reverse of what had been occurring before."

-Headmaster, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Since implementing this program last school year, we have documented decreases in the areas of negative behavior/discipline, blatant disrespect and aggressive behavior and attitudes. We have documented increases in mutual respect and tolerance for individual differences in others, common concern for others, the understanding of the importance of giving, and healthy competition. Since many of our students have had no earlier examples to follow of acceptable attitudes and behaviors, this program is an ongoing set of attainable expectations for students."

-Principal, Oakland, California

"Stealing, fighting, skipping school, taking drugs, disrespecting my mom - these were just some of the things I would do on a daily basis two years ago. I did not have any goals in life. I didn't care if I got shot and died. I had no communication with my mom or anybody in my family. I had the worst attitude for no reason. I began to take a course on The Way to Happiness and I can proudly say it saved my life. I now work and I am doing really well in school. I have great communication with my family. I don't dress in gang attire anymore, and most importantly, I have a goal now."

-Middle School Student, Los Angeles, California

"What distinguishes this organization from other nongovernmental organizations is your philosophy and how to apply it to educate and rehabilitate people. The Way to Happiness is a perfect tool for rehabilitating youth. You go a long way to ensure that your theory is matched with practice. I am thankful for the work you've done and look forward to a continued partnership to expand this program."

-The Minister of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State, Nigeria

"This is a nonreligious writing and it can go into schools and it can go to people and it can put them there with a moral standard that's missing in society today."

-National Basketball Association (NBA) Coach

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