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In areas torn by civil unrest and war, mass distribution by volunteers replaces conflict and violence with reason and calm.


Calming Conflict and Violence

Throughout the world, military personnel welcome The Way to Happiness, and its common sense principles.
In times of turmoil and war, when the routines of daily life have been disrupted and the boundaries of right and wrong are blurred, many have used The Way to Happiness to shine a light of peace, tolerance and respect amongst torn populations.


Since the US attack on Iraq, there have been more than 95,000 civilian deaths, most due to suicide bombings, IEDs (improvised explosive devices), or mortar or rocket attacks. These deaths are the result of the sectarian warfare which is currently ongoing in the country, with some seven civilians killed each day. This continual conflict has disrupted many aspects of “normal” life in the country. For example, only 30 percent of the country’s 3.5 million students are attending school.

Yet, starting in 2006, one individual in particular—Brian Pinkowki—has made inroads into Iraq using The Way to Happiness. Brian has delivered dozens of TWTH seminars to over 2,500 people and has distributed nearly 30,000 The Way to Happiness books.

Carla and Brian have delivered dozens of TWTH seminars to over 2,500 people and have distributed nearly 30,000 TWTH books.

His training sessions have touched people from all walks of life—women in leadership positions, state workers, university students and employees of local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

In addition, his team has published precepts from the book in a local paper, giving them tools to confront the issues in their communities.

Here is some of the impact of The Way to Happiness on the lives of those participating:

“We should not base our lives on the loss of others’ lives; it is absolute selfishness to build our happiness on other people’s tragedies. True happiness springs from ideal relationships with others; the criteria for happiness is determined by our relationship with others.” 

“This training session has taught me how to leave my little cocoon and think about the external world. Now I am not only thinking about my problem but I am thinking about other people’s problems and solutions. I have learned how to manage my time. During the past two days I have changed my daily program and now I am trying to change my behavior. This is the first step towards happiness.”

The head of one of the NGOs explained after the seminar:

“The book taught me how to bring happiness to myself, by using the power of persuasion and distancing from trouble, deceivers and evil people. I can bring happiness to the people I love by providing assistance and care.” 

Today, The Way to Happiness is continuing to be distributed through Iraqi society to help bring calm and prosperity.


For decades, Colombia has been one of the most troubled nations in the Western Hemisphere, suffering from continual social violence and conflict. In the 1940s and ’50s, the countryside was torn by extensive violence, generally called, “La Violencia.” In the 1960s the left-wing guerrilla movement, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), arose, which was in turn countered by a right-wing paramilitary response. The country was further torn apart by several major drug cartels in the 1970s and ’80s. Upon the collapse of the cartels, the FARC and paramilitary became involved in the dispute over Colombian cocaine production and trafficking—a conflict which generated hundreds of kidnappings, murders and violence throughout the society. While to top it off, Colombia’s military had a long record of human rights abuses. In 2004, the United Nations summed up this social turmoil by describing the Colombian conflicts as “the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere.”

It was at this point that The Way to Happiness entered the scene, when Colombian actor and comedian, Andrés López, decided to address the problem. He created a unique show in which he fully presents each of the twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness. Through these performances and events, he has influenced not only tens of thousands of citizens, but many of the country’s top civil and military officials.

To date, Andrés has delivered The Way to Happiness events and seminars to over 14,000 military personnel. Accordingly, in 2008 the Minister of Defense bestowed upon Mr. López an award for his work as a “Soldier of Happiness.”

While as much as Andrés has addressed the military, his major focus is to bring The Way to Happiness to all the Colombian people. Since 2005, he has delivered his performances to more than 50,000 people, providing each one with their own copy of the book.

As just one example, in May 2008 Andrés and The Way to Happiness spokesperson, Venezuelan actress, Ruddy Rodriguez, organized a six-hour show featuring well-known Latin performers Nicolas Tovar and Alberto Plaza. Attended by more than 11,000 people, the event culminated in Andrés’ The Way to Happiness performance.

In total, over 3 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed in Colombia through the actions of Andrés López and Ana Mercedes, who directs The Way to Happiness campaign in the country.