Programs & Results


Government officials, correctional officers, and former inmates all agree that The Way to Happiness is the solution to reducing crime and restoring respect.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing the program in action in my unit at Central Juvenile Hall. This unit houses minors accused of the most serious crimes, including murder....The minors became noticeably less hostile to each other and the staff, and no longer lose their tempers. They began to speak to us (the staff) with much more respect than before and stopped speaking to us in gang language…when the parents of the students came to visit on Sunday, they were given much more respect by their children than before.

“One of the extraordinary results of this program has been several minors admitting to me that they now feel remorse for what they have done in the past. This type of statement is highly unusual among criminals of this nature…the minors involved in the program have not been in lockdown for a long, long time, and we do not have disciplinary problems with them.” —Group Supervisor, LA Central Juvenile Hall

“I have seen hundreds of inmates participate in the program with very positive results. The program is extremely well laid out, it’s effective and packaged in such a way that I can even use it with Secure Housing Unit inmates. I believe the program goes a long way to make a dent in the needs of the inmates we are attempting to reach.”Supervisor, California State Maximum Security Prison

“In the prison of Ensenada we have worked with the most incorrigible and worst prisoners in the entire state. And we have seen them change. With the methods of Mr. Hubbard, they recover their own self‑respect. They have converted themselves into productive beings. I am sure these individuals never again will walk down the dark, lonely road of crime and drugs.” Chief of Police, Mexicali, Mexico

“The Way to Happiness gave me a direction to follow that continues to keep me out of prison and being a productive citizen and helping society with the things that I feel I can give back to society.” Former inmate, San Quentin Prison

“What distinguishes this organization from other nongovernmental organizations is your philosophy and how to apply it to educate and rehabilitate people. The Way to Happiness is a perfect tool for rehabilitating youth. You go a long way to ensure that your theory is matched with practice.” The Minister of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State, Nigeria

“Most people now know me as a stable provider for my family of four kids. I’m happily married and out there with a regular job and taking care of my responsibilities. But before The Way to Happiness came into my life I was out on the street and in prison.” Former inmate, Montana Prison

“The successes I received from The Way to Happiness have allowed me to be in control of my emotions…I’ve learned to weigh and judge decisions before taking action, and most of all I learned who I am which is something I wish I could have had an understanding of prior to coming into the prison system. I had no parents to teach me morals and values as a teen so I learned the hard way, but now thanks to this course I know a better way. Thank you.” Inmate, United States Prison

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