Programs & Results
As an integral part of Way to Happiness police officer programs, law enforcement officials deliver interactive lectures to students using The Way to Happiness book—an effective measure for crime prevention among youth.


Drugs, crime and violence only thrive in a culture that has lost clear concepts of right and wrong.

“I am writing this letter in reference to one of the greatest books I have come across in quite a while—The Way to Happiness. As a police officer, many situations that I see, along with other officers, are often sad ones. So many people seem to be unable to pull within themselves to find good. The Way to Happiness book encourages people to search for the goodness within themselves and spread that goodness to others. Your book The Way to Happiness is the most needed set of writings that has ever been written down. The timing could not have been more perfect. Being in this line of work, your book has been a welcome insight.” —Police Officer, Hartford, Connecticut

“I want to give my sincere thanks for the seminars given to the 180 police officers covering the twenty-one precepts of ethics and morals from The Way to Happiness. These seminars have given us a good lesson and an understanding of the importance of being a police officer, which means setting a good example for the community and society.” —Commander, Metropolitan Police, Bogotá, Colombia

“The project, based on the book The Way to Happiness, has positively impacted several areas of my division. In these key areas, I have seen the project contribute to a decrease in crime, as well as result in positive improvement among members of the community. In one particular area, there was a decrease in crime by over 30 percent in a six-month period.” —Captain, Police Department

“With this program we have developed, through the application of the book The Way to Happiness, we intend that children use it as a tool to help them in their education and allow them to decide correctly in their future, applying at each moment of their existence all of the ethical and moral principles that this book contains. If this would be applied in the entire world, the crime and drug abuse will decrease markedly and we would consequently have a much happier humanity.” —Director of Security, Baja California, Mexico

The Way to Happiness shows offenders how to live in harmony with fellow human beings. The success stories we receive every week from inmates speak volumes of the effects of this program. It has actually created role models who we are proud to have speak in public platforms on their success. Yet what speaks even louder is this: not one of those who have done The Way to Happiness program and been released from prison, has since returned.” —Deputy Commissioner, Correctional Services, South Africa

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