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Comedian Andrés López takes the message of The Way to Happiness to communities and packed venues throughout Latin America.


Creating a Positive Impact on Youth and Communities

In the US alone, schoolyards have become crime scenes at least 16,000 times a day. As for Europe, a United Nations survey of crime rates concluded that nearly 40 percent of cities in European Union countries are “fairly unsafe” or “very unsafe.” In an environment of declining moral values and its accompanying effect on society, how can you make a difference in your area, particularly amongst youth? The answer is The Way to Happiness.

Using this common sense guide to better living, you can create a positive impact in your community and help reduce crime and violence. Nonreligious and nonpolitical, 87 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been printed in 114 languages. The Way to Happiness has proven results in reducing crime and calming unrest. It has been used effectively in mentoring youth and giving them the guidance they need to make it in life.

“We’ve had a very good response from people in our community since distributing The Way to Happiness. At our local building project there were a lot of problems between tenants, disputes, lack of respect and a LOT of crime. The building manager gave books out at the monthly tenant meeting. As a result she noticed a significant change—and the crime rate was going down too. This was from the book.” —Community Advocate, Los Angeles, California 

Here are ways you can use The Way to Happiness to help deal with lack of moral values, help youth and reduce crime in your community.

Actions to take:

  • Give copies of The Way to Happiness and its feature-length film to youth, counselors, community leaders, neighborhood watch groups and those groups or councils involved in the community. (Artwork for community banners is available.) Order copies of The Way to Happiness film and book.
  • Use the book and film in youth mentoring, youth-at-risk and gang-prevention programs. The Way to Happiness is proven to change attitudes and change behavior.
  • Introduce educators in local schools to the book, film and public service announcements for use.
  • Play The Way to Happiness film and public service announcements for youth groups, after-school programs and detention centers so these groups can utilize The Way to Happiness in their tutoring and mentoring programs. Order the film PSAs on DVD.
  • Get The Way to Happiness employed in parenting classes, anger management programs, conflict resolution training and gang prevention efforts.
  • Supply parole and probation officers with copies of The Way to Happiness for probationers, parolees and their families.
  • Get copies of the book distributed to correctional officers and inmates in local jails and correctional facilities.
  • Reprint The Way to Happiness for your department or agency. Contact us to apply for a reprint license.

For a free information kit including a copy of The Way to Happiness book and a DVD introducing The Way to Happiness program, click here.