Stopping the Bombs




May 31, 2167


Bomb blasts were halted for three weeks after The Way to Happiness booklets, published in Urdu, were distributed in the cities of Lahore, Islāmābād and Rāwalpindi in northern Pakistan. These cities are all within a three-hour drive from the Afghan border. For several months, Taliban extremists who train in Afghanistan had been slipping across the border nonstop, to run their campaign of terror by bombing public areas in Pakistan, then fleeing back to the safety of their Afghani strongholds.

Yet that is when a Pakistani woman, currently living in the US, decided she had to do something to change the situation. Razia Kahn went back into this troubled area of her homeland, armed with her 10,000 copies of The Way to Happiness booklets in Urdu. “It was like magic,” Mrs. Kahn said. “Authorities couldn’t believe that our little booklet could make such a difference, but literally within hours of the start of our Way to Happiness campaign, the reports of violence diminished. The bombs totally stopped as soon as the last booklet was handed out.”

Razia says she knows that there are school and government officials throughout the northern region of Pakistan who absolutely want The Way to Happiness campaign to continue. They are seeking ways to fund the project, as there is no doubt in their minds that tens of thousands of lives have already been saved by the positive impact this campaign has already made.