1 March 2023

Spring came early to Hollywood this year, and a team of volunteers took advantage of the balmy weather to clean up the neighborhood.

Hollywood Village volunteers tackle some of the worst areas of the neighborhood on their monthly cleanup.

With restrictions easing and Hollywood hoping to finally return to normal, volunteers from the Way to Happiness Los Angeles added muscle and enthusiasm into their neighborhood cleanup this month.

Volunteers took advantage of the springlike weather in Hollywood to make areas of the neighborhood safe and clean.
Sharing The Way to Happiness with those they meet.

For years before the pandemic began, Hollywood Village, a community coalition of people of all faiths, ideologies, political preferences and backgrounds, has worked to make Hollywood beautiful, safe and clean. As a monthly tradition, volunteers team up to clean up the streets of Hollywood.

In 1981, noting a dramatic downturn in moral and cultural values, author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote The Way to Happiness, a common sense moral code. Its 21 precepts are values common to all people, no matter their religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

As they clean up the neighborhood, volunteers share this booklet with everyone they meet. And one section in particular has resonated with many:

“One can feel that things are such now that it is much too late to do anything,” wrote Mr. Hubbard in the booklet, “that one’s past road is so messed up that there is no chance of drawing a future one that will be any different: there is always a point on the road when one can map a new one. And try to follow it. There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning.”

The Way to Happiness holds a Guinness World Record as the most translated nonreligious work of all time by a single author.