School Violence Diminishes


New York City


May 31, 2167


A public high school just outside New York City had an especially bad reputation for violence. Over the eighteen months prior to the start of the Youth Education Campaign, based mainly on The Way to Happiness booklet—this school had two to three fights either inside the buildings or on its grounds every day. A school staff member was assigned full time to handle the student fighting, and even with that precaution, there were still one to two murders occurring each month. The Youth Education Campaign kicked off with an all-school assembly for 2,000 students. Everyone watched the The Way to Happiness public service announcements and for the rest of the day there were short seminars to teachers and students on different precepts found in The Way to Happiness book.

The results: for the two weeks following the introductory session there were NO fights in the school! And for the two months following there were ZERO murders!