The Way to Happiness Public Information Campaign

It is one thing to talk about morals and basic values and another to show what they are. This is what The Way to Happiness Public Service Announcements do world over. 

To bring the common sense principles contained in The Way to Happiness book to the broad public in a visual format — one that truly communicates the relevancy of morals to our modern age — a broad public information campaign was launched by The Way to Happiness Foundation in 2006.

Through powerful 60-90 second PSAs representing each of the 21 common sense principles in The Way to Happiness, individuals and communities are being educated to help restore trust, honesty and decency around them.

TV stations and Public Service Programming Directors welcome The Way to Happiness educational messages, placing them on the airwaves to uplift their local communities.

And the impact of these PSAs is best summed up in these responses:

"I just wanted to tell you that I have seen your ad and am very touched by it. You got your point across. Not only that, but the beauty of it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the experience!"

"I loved your videos that I saw on Nickelodeon with my nephew and niece. I am a teacher and in my class I use many different topics about attitude, behavior and the way we think. Please send me information."

"I saw your ad on TV, 'Be Worthy of Trust'. It hit me in an inspiring way — it was great and so was the music."

"I was very moved by your PSAs."

And the PSA campaign set off a chain reaction with seminars now held in schools, health and values teachers requesting the book for class curriculum, individuals ordering books to hand out to friends and family, businesses getting copies for customers and employees, police for their communities, on and on.

You can help spread the calm.

Get copies of The Way to Happiness public service announcements through our on-line bookstore. Send them to friends, family and associates. Get them aired in schools, sports stadiums, malls, theaters, public transport venues and on televsion. Contact us to get the PSAs in a specific format for replay.