Art Takes Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia


July 31, 2167


These may be the most beautiful covers we have ever released…

They were designed by fine artist Bula Barua to back up her Atlanta Georgia campaign. Here’s the story:

Bula Barua is an Assamese-American visual artist and a well-known published author of short stories and poems.

Believing that “Art can Change the World”, Bula Barua designed a series of 60 Digital Composites for LED Billboard Displays, each representing a precept from The Way to Happiness® and entered them in a national billboard contest. She won and now her Billboards are on display in Atlanta, Georgia from September 29 – October 26, 2012. If you are in Atlanta you can see them at 2064 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.

…and there’s more: Atlanta is a tough city; considered the 2nd most dangerous place to live in the entire United States according to crime statistics—but that’s about to change.

Using the beauty of her winning billboard design for a springboard Bula intends to deliver over 100,000 of her custom-cover The Way to Happiness books to the people of Atlanta. The distribution of the first 10,000 books started this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates.

100,000 books is enough books to reach almost a quarter of the entire population of about 430,000 and more books are being donated to this project every day.

Won’t it be fun to watch Atlanta’s crime rate drop over the months and years, making another part of this world a bit safer and saner for all of us and proving Bula Barua’s idea that “Art can change the world”, especially if it carries the right message!

You can be a part of this exciting campaign—Donate The Way to Happiness books to Atlanta.

The Campaign started TODAY and we urgently need donations to be able to infuse Atlanta with 100,000 booklets.

Realize that when this campaign is successful it can be exported to every major urban area in the United States!