Volunteers Point To A Better Way In Mexican City Park Cleanup


Juarez, Mexico


May 31, 2167


Every attendee of “Art in the Park” in the city of Juárez received their own copy of The Way to Happiness
Volunteers of The Way to Happiness Foundation in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico participated in “Art in your Park” event on November 14. Sponsored by the urban beautification project group Art at the Park, the event took place in Alta Vista Park near the city’s downtown area.   

The purpose was to forge bonds between neighbors by engaging them in community activities.

An eyesore littered with trash, the park had become a magnet for criminal activity and violence, and residents no longer felt safe there after 4 PM. To change this, Art at the Park members decided to organize an event dedicated to cleaning it up.

This was the first of three such clean up events planned by Art at the Park in the name of making the city’s parks more inviting and useful for the community.

On the day of the event, thirty youth arrived early and went to work picking up trash and washing away graffiti. The event proper kicked off with live musical performances for older teens and adults, a puppet show for the younger crowd and a clown to entertain toddlers.

During the event, JC Martinez, the director of the Juarez branch of The Way to Happiness, addressed the audience with the book The Way to Happiness and emphasized its twelfth precept —“Safeguard and Improve Your Environment.” He also explained how the book could be used as a guide in creating better community relations and a cleaner environment.

Following this, all attendees were given their own copy of The Way to Happiness. The Way to Happiness Foundation was invited to deliver workshops throughout the week at the park’s community center.

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