A New Road to Happiness Paved for Residents of Allende, Mexico


Allende, Mexico


May 31, 2167


Mayor Salazar and artist Leonardo Pereznieto work to implement The Way to Happiness program in Allende.

With the drug war escalating and the death toll mounting from murders of both civilians and government officials, the country of Mexico is in desperate need for solutions. In fact, more than 28,000 lives have been lost since 2006, when President Felipe Calderon began an aggressive crackdown on drug cartels.

In answer to the violence, a Way to Happiness campaign was launched in the city of Allende on October 25, 2010. The program and campaign are based on the book The Way to Happiness by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Through its 21 basic principles, this non-religious work provides a common sense guide to better living. Since its first publication in 1981, it has been used to bring about calm in tumultuous circumstances—from violent political conflicts to everyday family travails.

The event which took place at the Casa de la Cultura was attended by school principals, government officials, legislators, religious leaders, police officers and judges as well as the mayor of Allende, Jorge Salazar.

Ms. Nelly Rodriquez, a Way to Happiness volunteer spoke and presented the mayor with a commendation acknowledging his work on The Way to Happiness campaign.

Mayor Salazar addressed the audience and said that The Way to Happiness is a very important part of his citywide Enriqueucer el Ser (Enrich Yourself) program. Presenting the book to those in attendance, Mr. Salazar stressed the importance of The Way to Happiness campaign and said he believes it will truly enrich individual lives.

The mayor then announced that a copy of the book will be going to 9,000 homes with a sticker reading En esta casa vive una familia unida (In this house lives a family that is united).

Celebrity artist Leonardo Pereznieto was also on hand and discussed, in depth, the precepts of The Way to Happiness with attendees. He went over the 21 precepts and had each member of the audience team up with another and share their own examples of 3 precepts from the book. He additionally presented its success in other cities with success stories and statistics from its implementation.

The Director of Culture, Ms. Nena Fernandez, ended the event by thanking all who participated and inviting everyone to pick up their own copy of the book.

With the determination to restore peace and calm to Mexico, The Way to Happiness campaign is expanding its programs in Allende and across the nation.