Leon, Mexico Police Force Prepares To “Serve” Residents The Way To Happiness


Leon, Mexico


May 31, 2167


500,000 of these specially made custom-cover booklets will be distributed to Leon residents by the local police force.

While the city of Leon is known for being the leather-making capital of Mexico, it is just as infamous for having one of the highest crime rates in the entire nation. And with violence erupting on a daily basis, the need for calm is more than apparent. 

Therefore The Way to Happiness Foundation International organized a campaign to distribute The Way to Happiness booklets to the residents of Leon. The city’s police were given a presentation of The Way to Happiness programs, resulting in approval of the campaign by the police force.

To begin, 800 Leon police officers attended The Way to Happiness seminar, which included viewing The Way to Happiness film—based completely on the booklet of the same title.

The city of Leon has also assigned a police force of more than 1,000 to this campaign. A couple hundred officers are now ready to deliver The Way to Happiness seminars in local schools while the remainder is responsible for passing out copies of The Way to Happiness booklets in malls, on the streets, at bus stops and during various events around the city.

And since the campaign is now registered as an official community police program, The Way to Happiness Foundation has donated 500,000 copies of the booklet to the Leon police force for citywide distribution.