The Way to Happiness Foundation Changes Lives Inside Prison Walls in Mexico


Mexico City


June 30, 2167


Delivering a Way to Happiness workshop inside prison walls in Mexico.
The Director of The Way to Happiness Foundation in Mexico recently completed a pilot workshop introducing inmates and prison officials to the 21 non-religious moral precepts constituting the backbone of the Foundation’s programs.

The Way to Happiness, written by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, has been used by business people, corrections officials, community leaders, parents and educators around the world to help arrest the current moral decline in society and guide people to a better quality of life.

Mexico’s prison officials are seeking solutions to the increase in violent offenders arrested as a result of the government’s crackdown on drug cartels. Once they were informed of the success that Way to Happiness workshops have had in easing violence in prisons around the world, they were eager to see the program in action.

The following success stories are but a small sample of what the Way to Happiness pilot workshop achieved in one of Mexico City’s prisons.

Do No Further Harm
“This workshop made me reflect on everything that I have done to reach the place where I am now. I understand what I can do to improve things and not do any further harm to my family.”—F.C.P.

Helping Others
“Facing up to and writing about the bad attitude I had about many things in my life helped free me to think positively. I would like to help others to understand these things as well and contribute to making them better people with happy lives. I would like this program to also be conducted for the families of prisoners.”—M.G.B.

Being a Good Example
“This is a very practical workshop. It helped me to think with and use things which make me a better person and which will improve my environment. I want to help others do this and so I will start by being a good example of how to do this. The grace and love I have learned from this program is something I want to help others experience. This ‘path’ [The Way to Happiness] should be spread across the entire world.”—L.E.F.

One-for-one, wherever The Way to Happiness-based reform programs have been used in penal settings, recidivism rates have dropped to 10% and below, making this book the most effective tool to date in criminal rehabilitation. And now that Mexico City prison officials have experienced the positive effects The Way to Happiness has on offenders, they say they want it to be implemented throughout the remainder of the penal system in their district.